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public class CoreyPon

//My Skills Include:
public void WriteC#();
public void WriteC++();
public void WriteC();
public void WriteJava();
public void WriteRuby();
public void WriteGroovy();
public void WritePython();
public void WriteSQL();
public void WriteHTML();
public void WriteCSS();
public void WriteJavaScript();

//I've had experience configuring:
public void ConfigureApacheServer();
public void ConfigureMicrosoftIIS();

//Experience with:
public void UseMicrosoftVisualStudio();
public void UseSVN();
public void UseGit(); public void UseNAnt();
public void UseNUnit();
public void UseCruiseControl();
public void UseOpenCover();


public About Me()

I Graduated from the University of Houston in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focused in software design.

I'm currently employed as a Software Developer at SmartVault Corporation.
In the past I have worked at NACE International and International Facility Management Association.

Some of best parts of writing code are overcoming tough challenges, designing reusable code, and learning new things every day.

In addition to writing web apps, desktop app, database queries and everything in between, I enjoy improving and automating DevOps tasks to aid the entire team in coding, testing and deploying faster.

Doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. Nothing is better than working with a team that shares that same attitude and mentality.